How Byrd’s Famous Cookies Integrates Online & Offline Customer Interaction

Brittany Botti —  December 11, 2012 — 10 Comments

byrd's cookies in savannahThis weekend my boyfriend and I visited Savannah, GA and stopped by Byrd’s Famous Cookies to pick up a tin of their delicious Scotch Oatmeal cookies. When we checked out with the cashier, she let us know that she was putting a flyer in the bag that had their web address on it, and informed us that we can order their cookies online anytime throughout the year and have them delivered to our home.

Seems like a simple enough interaction, but it’s a connection that many businesses fail to make – the connection between the physical and the digital. Byrd’s is a great example of a business that takes digital seriously (their website and social media presence are also awesome). Here’s what you can learn from them when it comes to integrating your business’s digital & physical presence:

Their Employees Were Friendly & Personable
This is a prerequisite for any kind of face to face interaction with your customers. First and foremost you must start with employees who are friendly and enjoy talking with people.

Their Employees Were Trained On One Specific Call To Action
There were plenty of calls to action that Byrd’s could have offered, but Byrd’s was smart. They knew most of their customers would be visiting from out of town, and so their call to action was to provide a way for customers to visit them year round – and make a purchase. Their cashier was well trained to understand both of these things so any interaction and call to action was personal and social – instead of sounding like a script they were told to repeat.

They Gave A Reason To Take Action
Byrd’s could have very easily just said to “visit our website” or “like us on Facebook”, an arbitrary statement that would have gone in one ear and out the other because it provided no value to the customer. But instead, they provided a reason to visit the website – to purchase more cookies whenever we like, without having to drive to Savannah.

They Reinforced With Printed Materials
In addition to telling us about the website, the cashier also gave us a printed flyer with the website address and more information, so if we forgot we would have a reminder there in our shopping bag when we took the cookies out to enjoy them.

They Gave Options To Continue The Relationship
When you visit the website, there are clear ways to stay connected to Byrd’s, even if we aren’t planning on purchasing the first time we visit the site. They have a mailing list, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for us to stay connected.

How does your business integrate face to face interaction with your customers with your online presence? Would love to hear your stories in the comment section below!

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