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Brittany Botti —  December 19, 2012 — 14 Comments

One of the top SEO techniques and my favorite way to consistently guide traffic to my website and build my follower base on social media is through blog commenting. Blog commenting is a natural link building SEO technique as long as you are following SEO best practices. In fact over the past 8 months, 20% of my website referral traffic has come from comments that I have made on other blog posts. If you are wondering how to get people to visit your website, commenting on other industry blogs or blogs that your target audience frequents is a great place to start. Here are some best practices for blog commenting:

Fill out your profiles

For every site that you post a comment on, make sure that you fill out your profile completely, including your photo avatar, biography, website links, and any social media account information. Sites like and have their own profiles to fill out, but some blogs use a commenting platform. For those sites, make sure you have profiles filled out completely on,, and

Be A Human, Not A Logo

Logo’s aren’t interesting. Logo’s don’t talk. Logo’s don’t care. Logos are just trying to sell you something. Use your own name and avatar, and link to your company site. People are a lot more interesting, and can actually meaningfully communicate.

Read The Blog Post

Hopefully this goes without saying, but make sure you actually read the blog and have an understanding of what it’s saying. Don’t base your comments on the headline, other comments, or from a quick skim of the content. People who do that make fools of themselves.

Add Links Sparingly

Only add a link if it’s relevant and adds to the conversation. Maybe you’ve written a blog post in the past that had a different take on the subject, or your responding to someone who is asking for more information with a link to a page on your site. But if you’re adding links all the time to your comments, you’ll be looked at as spam and largely ignored.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Controversial

If you disagree with something said in the blog post, say so. But say it in a friendly, constructive way and back up your thoughts with a good explanation.

Read through comments and respond to those you find interesting

Look for people who have questions and try to answer them, or have an experience that you both share and you can comment on. If you read the whole blog post but can’t come up with something meaningful to say, you may find an interesting comment that you have an opinion on.

Address The Author

This blog post didn’t appear out of thin air, it took hard work from an individual to put it together. Recognize their work and their voice in your comment and don’t go in guns blazing to write what you think while ignoring the person who wrote it in the first place. A simple word of thanks or encouragement for a great post will suffice.

Respond if Someone Replies To You

All commenting systems should notify you via email (if you set your profiles up correctly) if someone responds to your comment. If they do, make sure you take the time to respond back. This is the beginning of building a relationship, also known as online networking.

If You Don’t Have Anything Intelligent to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

The point of the comment section is to continue the conversation about the blog post topic, or to praise and thank the person who wrote it. Don’t just add a comment for the sake of adding a comment. Contribute in a meaningful way, or don’t comment at all.

Be Consistent

Pick your favorite industry blogs and then regularly visit them. That way, you’ll build relationships and increase your online network, and be seen as a thought leader rather than someone who pops in every few months to give their opinion and then leave. I use a Firefox extension called Morning Coffee to keep myself on track. Every morning, before I check my email, I click on My Morning Coffee and it brings up my blogs to read for that day. I skim through, pick out some articles that I find interesting, read them, comment on them, and sometimes share them to Twitter. Getting into the habit of reading is key, and the bonus is that you will be at the cutting edge of changes and innovations in your industry with all the reading you’ll do.

Don’t Try To Sell

The goal of commenting is to get your name out there and establish yourself as an industry leader, improve the SEO of your website, and build relationships for online networking. Resist the urge to try and sell your services via commenting. It’s not the time or the place, and you will be seen as spam or worse…a pushy salesperson.

Be Helpful

Whenever possible, try to help people out. If they have questions, if they need more help understanding something, need advice, or need to be pointed in the right direction, help them out. This is the best way to establish yourself as a leader, build a following, and get people interested in what else you have to say.

Do you comment on other blogs regularly? What type of strategies have worked for you? Leave a comment below and test out these tips!

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