Four Improvements on Your Digital Customer Service

Justin Brackett —  December 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

Want to get a jump on improving your digital customer service in 2013? Though they are basic, if you focus on these four suggestions and build on them, you will get to this point next year and see that your bottom line has improved dramatically as a result.

Focus On The People Not The Social Platform

We all know the need as well as the benefits of being online and the value that Social Media provides your customers, but in 2013 make it about your customers! I’m sure there will be yet another AMAZING Social Platform that will come racing to the front of our attention, but if you are not correctly and effectively connecting with your clients on the platforms your company can be found on now, a new platform won’t help you.

Ask yourself, when people visit my blog, Facebook page, Twitter account … what do they see? Just a company peddling their wares? Or do they see a company fulfilling a need and giving their clients the attention, service and respect they deserve?

Concentrate on User Experience VS SEO

The more I talk to companies, the more I hear them say: “We just need better SEO!” then I take a look at there website and it looks like it was built by people who are so deep in their industry jargon, even I feel intimidated and a little lost. In my world it is SMO (Social Media Optimization), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click). Now, if you know what those are, great! But if you showed up looking for help with digital marketing you would be lost, right? Then why do it to your users?

When you look at your digital footprint, you should always have an outside perspective, to see if someone outside your company or industry get what you are trying to communicate. Think more about how the user will use and interact with your platforms than how it will score SEO wise. In the end, your bounce rate will be higher, more sites will link to your site, and you will rank higher in search engines.

Treat Others As You Would Have Them Treat You

When it comes down to it, treating others with respect, honor, grace and doing what you say you will do will set you apart from all of your competition. In the end people will return to your brand because of how you’ve treated them.

Say Thank You!

When your customers choose to use you or work with you, take the time to say: “Thank You!” More than an automated email or a tweet. Take the time to pick up the phone and call them or send them a handwritten Thank You! Yes, it takes time but this will be the difference of them coming back to you and vs going to your competitor. Remember, how would you like to be treated?

Justin Brackett

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