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Social media doesn’t work.

I’m sure this statement may start lot of controversy, but I’m looking forward to it. There is so much talk today about how social media is important to businesses. I agree that it plays a pivotal role, but not as much or is it as important as many believe it to be.

Case in point: you have an e-commerce website. You are proud of your product but you’re not seeing the amount of sales you would like to see. So, you talk to a friend about it and they tell you the reason why you’re not getting any sales is because you’re not on Facebook or Twitter. So, you jump online and you get on Facebook and Twitter and you start tweeting and posting about your products every chance you get. But when you still don’t have any sales you go back to your friend and he tells you “Well, the new things are Google Plus and Pinterest. If you’re not on there, that’s why your sales are low. So now you jump on Pinterest and Google Plus and start posting and pinning, but you still don’t see any sales. Continue Reading…